Product details

CONOTECH RG6-U (Fe/Cu) 100m

Double-shielded coaxial cable with copper plated steel inner conductor. The conductor is covered with physically foamed nitrogen (N) polyethylene, which has particularly effective dielectric insulation. Shielding is made in accordance with the Double standard, which uses double conductor protector. The first of them is a layer of AL/PET aluminium foil and second one is aluminium wire braiding with optical coverage 75%. The outer sheath is made of white PVC, which protects against mechanical damage and allows quick and comfortable cable installation.

  • Purpose

    Coaxial cable enables transmission of digital and sinusoidal signals in the range 20 Hz- 15 Ghz. It is used for creating lead connections in ICT installations. The RG6-U cable is dedicated to internal individual and multiswitch installations. It can be successfully used for receiving DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial), FM/DAB radio and DVB-S/S2 satellite television. It is also implemented for industrial installations - CCTV. 

  • Technical parameters

    General specification:

    Type: RG-6

    Inner conductor: 1.02 ± 0.02mm, CCs 

    Dielectric: 4.8 ± 0.02mm PE physically foamed with nitrogen (N)

    Screening: Al/PET, thickness 0.04 

    Braiding: 48 wires x 0.12mm, AL wire 

    Outer diameter PVC: 6,8 mm, white

    Characteristic impedance: 75± 3 Ohm 

    Capacitance: 52± 2 pF/m 

    Screening effectiveness: >=60 dB 

    Optical braiding coverage: >= 75% 

    Implementation: indoor installation

    Length: 100 m 

    Brand: CONOTECH

  • Packing details

    The cable roll is packed in foil with a product label. 

    Length of roll: 100 m 

    Weight: 3,5 kg 

    Master carton: 6 rolls

    Weight: 22 kg

    Dimensions: 56x28x26cm

    Max. order quantity: 144 rolls


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